What is Real Escape Game ?

Real Escape Game is a first-person reality adventure game simulating room-escape flash games which requires players to escape from imprisonment by exploiting their surroundings and solving different types of puzzles. The room usually consists of a locked door, several objects to manipulate as well as hidden clues or secret compartments. The players must use the objects to interact with other items in the room to reveal a way to escape within time limit.

“Takagism” was originally found in apps of smart phones, mainly from The North America and Japan. With an addition of logic thinking and observation, player would seek for hints and tools from every corner of the room in order to break away.

Simultaneously, The North America and Japan transformed these apps to real – life gaming. Players would experience in first person, based on their intelligence and observing ability, hunting for guides to escape within a time limit.

Real Escape Game from Japan is a unique and interactive live puzzle event where teams solve mysteries and clues within a time limit. This game requires you to escape from a place filled with puzzles to stump you and your fellow players. The objective of the game is to find and solve the mystery in order to escape within the time allotted. Players are encouraged to work in teams to crack the puzzles more efficiently and the Game Master directs game play to add a touch of drama into the story. The uniqueness of the game is that you are actually physically inside the story. When you read books, you can imagine. When you play online, you can be drawn in, but you are not physically in the story. In this game you can enjoy it both physically and realistically.

Nowadays, real – life Gaming sites are scattered over The North America, Japan, China and Taiwan.